5 Typical Concerns With Low-Sloped Roofs

Many older homes have questionable roofs. Usually they become questionable because previous homeowners have attempted to provide a DIY solution to an issue that is far more complex.

A great example of this is when the flashing on the roof comes loose. Many DIY-oriented homeowners will get it in their heads that fixing loose flashing is an easy job. They might decide to re-seal the flashing in any number of ways, perhaps going with construction glue, wrapping the entire flashing in a thick construction tape, or even taking the flashing out and trying to replace just the one piece. It might hold up for a couple of years with this stop-gap solution, but rest assured within five the damage will return.

Looking at an aging roof with a piece-by-piece perspective is not the right thing to do. While little patch-up jobs can be done for certain issues, this will only prolong the inevitable decision to replace the entire roof. Looking at a roof as one unit is far more effective. From this perspective it is much easier to keep track of the actual state of the roof. It will also mean fewer DIY changes year over year that actually end up costing a ton of money.

There are many other issues with old roofs that homeowners can inherit or cause themselves. The question is not why is it like this but rather: what can be done about it?

Get A Roofing Estimate

Roof replacement companies in Santa Cruz are more than willing to navigate to this website give an estimate on any job. Getting an expert in to give this kind of an evaluation is the best thing to do. They will be able to tell just how urgent roof replacement really is. Perhaps they will even say that some of the DIY work will work as long Discover More as it gets reinforced a little bit.

Have it Stripped if it’s Gravel

Gravel roofs that have some issues on the siding will probably need to be replaced. Gravel roofs are a bit more of a project to replace because the gravel must be removed first before the tar surface can be removed.

Some homeowners might not have the available cash to do this kind of large scale project. A professional recommendation is to take out a line of credit with the bank to afford the roof replacement. The short term cost will save tons of money over the next 10-15 years, because partially fixing a damaged roof is like trying to block a water tap with a finger: it will not last for long.

Taking quick action with an old roof is probably the best available option. It will give the house a whole new value if selling it is an option, while it will also prevent any further damage from accruing in the structural foundation of the house.

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